Secondary & Tertiary Scholarships

The student scholarship program provides a key step to breaking the poverty cycle for these children, their families and the community. By the students gaining highly employable skills through advanced education, trade or business qualifications, they will be in the most favourable position to be significant income earners in the future.

The Secondary & Vocational School Scholarships are available to any eligible student who lives in Kibera slum and for students who attend BCC Soweto Primary School, supported by Oasis Africa Australia. 

Secondary School & Tertiary Scholarships

A Secondary Schoool Scholarship is available to all P8 students who live in Kibera slum or attend BCC Primary School, Soweto slum and successfully complete their final Kenyan Curricullum based exams having met the required eligibility criteria. The Oasis Africa Australia scholarship provides the funds for each student to pay for full tuition and administration fees, board/accommodation (where applicable), class materials and school uniforms. 

To assist each student under an Oasis Africa Scholarship, from 2014 we introduced a mentor / monitor to ensure that each student is kept motivated as well as accountable to their attendance, grades and behaviour. 

At each term break, each student will attend a workshop to: 

  1. Review individual grades, paperwork and progress
  2. Be inspired by a motivational speaker or past OAA successful scholarship recipient
  3. Be part of a team building day with other OAA scholars

In 2015, we have over 80 students attending Secondary Schools under the Oasis Africa Secondary School Scholarship program.

Students who are able to maintain a minimum grade average are also guaranteed first year University fees through this same scholarship program.

In recognition of the continuous support unconditionally given by RSP Recruitment, we were proud to launch the ‘RSP Recruitment Secondary School Scholarship fund’. Their support has allowed for an additional 3 students to commence a full Secondary School Scholarship.

Vocational School Scholarships

In addition to Secondary School Scholarships Oasis Africa also provides Vocational School Scholarships. This program will ensure that students who do not achieve the required final exam results to qualify for a secondary school scholarship can gain qualifications in employable skilled courses.

In 2015, the Vocational Scholarships program will be run by our UK friends and partner, Maisha Kibera, who have a strong link to the arts and creative industries.