Photo Gallery

April 2016: Global Development Group "Building a Sustainable Future" Conference, Singapore

OAA delegates Ross and Karen Howe were pleased to attend the 2016 GDG conference on 18 & 19 April 2016. The conference was attended by 95 delegates from 40 projects in 19 countries.

As such, it was a great honour for Karen to be invited to speak at the conference about the work that OAA is undertaking in Kenya.

Day one featured partners sharing on building relationships with the local government, capacity building and sustainability. GDG staff presented sessions on measuring impact, risk management and child protection.

Presentations on the seocnd day included social media and marketing, community ownership and the journey towards sustainability.   

March 2016: Second Water Bore Drilling complete at the Farm

It was with great appreciation to the Australian High Commission for East Africa when our subsequent application through the Direct Aid Program (DAP) grant was successfully approved to fund a second water bore on the farm in Kamulu.

The grant enabled a second water bore to be drilled allowing the farm to expand from 11 acres under harvest to the full 20 acre capacity. The total depth of the well drilled is 230m. The estimated yield of the borehole is about 20-25 cubic meters per hour which means that we have water equivalent to 5 times of the existing borehole.

It is the ultimate goal of OAA to expand the farm project sufficiently to ensure natural sustainability. 

November 2015: Annual Oasis Africa Gala Fundraising Event

With our heartfelt thanks to all who attended, volunteered, donated prizes, sponsored students and donated to this very worthy cause. An extra-special note of thanks to Barry Liddle from Ozway Realty who contributed a sizeable donation towards the scholarship program.   

August 2015: Nairobi & Kibera Slum Donor visit

OAA Project Managers, Ross and Karen Howe enjoyed a day in Nairobi with 13 donors from around the world to experience the best of Nairobi (AFEW Giraffe Centre, DS Elephant Orphange & Karen Blixen coffee garden) and see the work that they contribute towards in Kibera slum. The impact of the Kibera slum walk in the afternoon was heartfelt by each and every person and the interaction with the Secondary School scholars who walked with us, created memories that will last a lifetime.

August 2015: Deputy High Commissioner visits the DAP Water Tower and Drip Irrigation initiative

It was our honour for Deputy High Commissioner Jeremy Green and DAP Program Manager Hilda Ouma to attend and officially open the water tower and drip irrigation system. The project was funded by the Australian governments Direct Aid Program (DAP) and undertaken in conjunction with Oasis Africa. The significant increase in production of fresh vegetables and improved operational efficiencies has maintained the effectiveness of this OAA led initiative.

August 2015: Secondary School Scholar Workshop - Kibera Slum and Nairobi Arboretum

Operations Managers, Ross and Karen spent the weekend with our amazing Secondary School Scholarship students in Nairobi. Led by OAA Mentor & Monitor, Jeff Okoth, the 2-day workshop started with a day of Capacity Building and motivational talks to inspire the students. A second day of fun, games and team building (with much laughter) was held at the Nairobi Arboretum. Incredibly inspiring to witness Jeff and his enthusiasm for seeing success in each and every student.

Future leaders of Kenya will surely emerge from these students.

May 2015: Water Tower and Drip Irrigation construction complete

It is fantastic to see the 10m steel water tower complete with 2 x 16,000 litre water tanks now standing and operational at the farm. 2 acres of famrland were also fitted with drip irrigation, all thanks to a grant by the Australian high Commission - East Africa.

Electricity bills will be reduced as a result of the additional water storage capacity, while the drip irrigation will reduce water usage as compared to the traditional open water irrigation method. The local community will be boosted through provision of jobs and access to fresh, locally grown vegetables.

April 2015: Boot Camp for Charity - Brisbane

An amazing group of kids and adults came together in Brisbane on Sunday 19 April for a day of fitness, sweat, games, food and prizes - all for the worthy cause of raising funds for Oasis Africa. 

The funds raised went towards the Term 2 Secondary School fees to be paid for 10 of the OAA scholarship students.

February 2015: Water Tank Stand Construction complete at the Farm

It was with great expectations and excitement to learn that our application for funding for the farming project was successfully awarded through the Direct Aid Program (DAP) grant from the Australian High Commission for East Africa.

The grant will be utilised to purchase 2 x 16,000 litre water tanks, erection of a 2-storey water tank stand and drip irrigation to cover 2-3 acres of farming land. Phase 1 is now complete with the completion of the steel water tank stand. 

January 2015: First Year (Form 1) Secondary School Scholarship Recipients

Throughout December and January, the selection process to select 15 new hopeful scholarships was undertaken. The following students are a few of the students that have been accepted into the OAA Secondary School Scholarship Program for 2015. 

They join the 70 + existing students already studying in the program and we are excited to join them on their journey of freedom from poverty through education.

August 2014: Secondary School Term Break Mentor Sessions and Workshop

We had a great weekend with the students on Saturday and Sunday. The students also got to write their letters to the sponsors and we were able to cover:
1. Career guidance
2. Values of life
3. Personal Hygienic and Etiquette
4. Goal setting

We also headed to Arboretum for a picnic with the students, our day started at 10am with lots of team building and fan activities. We had lunch then to a walk around the park came back together and talked about the new term coming ahead and the point of working hard in school. We all really enjoyed this two days and the students really appreciated and look forward to many more workshop and team building activities.

July 2014: Secondary School Scholarship Mentor Visit

Jeff Okoth, Secondary School Mentor & Monitor: "We had a good school visit with in-country Project Manager Lawrence. I was able to visit 3 up-country boarding schools and talk to 30 students. It was great experience to get to meet and talk to the students and also encourage them to work hard. I look forward to reconnecting with the students during the workshops I will be conducting for them in their term break."

June 2014: Oxfam's Tippy Tap installed at the Farm and Primary School

The humble “tippy tap” isn’t much to look at — it’s just four sticks, a plastic container and some string. But it’s saving lives.

Diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation kill one child aged under five every 20 seconds. But there’s still hope. Having a tippy tap in a family’s home can reduce the spread of these deadly diseases by almost 50%. What a success rate!

We were excited to take this innovation into the farm project and to the BCC Primary School. Take a look at the photos to see it in action.

1 July 2014: St John's Primary School Update

Oasis Africa Australia supported St John’s Primary School in Kibera from 2005 - 2014, and wish to advise that the school has now transitioned towards self-independence. This has always been the ultimate goal for Oasis Africa to provide a hand up, not a hand out - to create an environment that is self-sustainable and not requiring ongoing financial assistance. We have worked hard to create the infrastructure to support quality education, the means to allow a feeding program, water and sanitation, counselling assistance and empowerment education.

Please note: From this date forward, Oasis Africa Australia no longer supports St John's Primary School and all photos contained below are historical accounts of the assistance provided by OAA and its donors over this 9 year period.

From 1 July 2014, Oasis Africa Australia will continue its focus on Secondary School & University Scholarships as well as a sustainable farming project, which will assist the children and teachers at Bethlehem Community Centre. 

May 2014: Team Member Monitoring Visit

Project Manager, Karen Howe and her husband Ross were honoured to be able to visit Kenya in May 2014 to review the Seocndary School Scholarship Program and the Kamulu Farming Project. A greater understanding of the direction of OAA's involvement and support was able to be formulated to the benefit of the OAA partners and beneficiaries. 

May 2014: Annual Oasis Africa Gala Fundraising Event

The annual Oasis Africa fundraising event was sensational.

The Civic Hotel in Sydney's CBD was the perfect location for a night of drinks, fine food, Brazillian drummers and dancers, live performances by Deni Hines and Charmaine, great company, African Art by world renowned artist Gabrielle Pool and Kenyan photography by Steve O'Brien was enjoyed by all. Raising much needed funds for the children supported by Oasis Africa.


April 2014: Secondary School Scholars Team Building & Assessment Day 

OAA Secondary School mentor, Jeff Okoth, met with 33 students Form 1 and 2 at the end of term 1. As part of the review, he collets their report forms, fee structures and school newsletters. 

They did some small group work activities to warm up before the session began. Jeff also brought along one of his former scholars who is heading to university in September 2014 to talk to and motivate all of the OAA scholarship holders. This activity is run in every school term break. 

March 2014: Kim Winter, Stephen O'Brien & OAA Ambassador Njeri Kamau visits Kibera 

Founder and Chairman, Kim Winter, board member Stephen O'Brien, along with OAA Ambassador Njeri Kamau review the work of Oasis Africa in one of it's Kibera Primary and Secondary Schools.

February 2014: Secondary School Scholars Preparation

In 2014, 37 students were awarded an Oasis Africa Secondary School Scholarship. The OAA Secondary School mentor, Jeff Okoth, worked with the students to prepare their school unifrms and text books in readiness for their first day in High School.

August - December 2013: Farming project with BCC Begins

In addition to supporting the BCC Primary School, OAA have started a new sustainability farming project with BCC, where the profits from exporting the crops will provide the finances to assist in the day-to-day running of the Primary School.

August 2013: OAA forms new partnership with second Primary School

In August 2013, we established a new partnership with Bethlehem Community Centre (BCC) located in Kayole, Soweto slum, Nairobi. This school at present has 300 children, as well as housing 80 orphaned children in an on-site boarding house.

August 2013: Australian Project Manager, Karen Howe visits St John's with her family 

It was an amazing experience for Ross and Karen Howe to take their 3 and 4 year old sons, James and Joshua, to visit St John's school in Kibera. 

2013 Secondary School Scholarship Students enrol for a new year

As always, it's an amazing opportunity to be able to provide Secondary School scholarships to our students returning for another year at boarding school. Some of the students are shown here. 

Art for Africa Fundraising Event, November 2012, Woolloomooloo

Art for Africa on 22 November 2012 went off with a bang. Opening with African drummers and dancers in an amazing converted warehouse, the night was fantastic. Incredible artwork and prizes were auctioned, raffle tickets bought and won, food and drink flowed throughout the night. All this set to the music of some of Australia's finest; Jon Stevens, Amber Lawrence and John Waters.

Secondary School Scholarship recipients, February 2012

This last year saw a record number of new P8 students qualifying for and being awarded the Oasis Africa Australia Secondary School Scholarship. These 15 students add to the number of students currently on scholarship to now total 42. We are so proud of our students being able to achieve these results in such a volatile environment.

Geraldine Cox visits the School, February 2012

It was a privilege to have Geraldine Cox join our team on a trip to the school in February 2012, on her first visit to Africa. Geraldine, recognised for her incredible humanitarian work with Sunrise Children’s Villages in Cambodia, has been a part of the Oasis Africa Australia Advisory Board for a number of years. Her insight and wisdom continues to provide valuable direction to the care of the children.

OAA Team Trip, February 2012

Ross and Karen Howe, accompanied by Geraldine Cox and Jess Hupalo spent a week at the school in February 2012 on our annual visit.

Warringah Rugby Club Book Drive, February 2012

Once again, WRC stepped into action and had hundreds of books donated for the new school library built on their trip to the school in 2011. Ross and Karen Howe delivered these books in February much to the delight of the students.

I'm Worth Defending Student Training Session, September 2011

I'm Worth Defending ran a Boy's Club one Saturday for all boys in Classes 6, 7 & 8 to attend, so around 150 students attended. This is a fantastic organisation doing amazing things with children raising awareness about stop violence against women, repsect and allowing them to connect with mentors within their community to talk about issues they face.

A new bridge for the community given by Warringah Rugby Club & OAA

The construction of this new bridge was supported by the chief of Kibera as a positive community initiative to the local people. The bridge was officially opened by the Australian High Commissioner for East Africa, Geoff Tooth and Warringah Rugby Club president, Mike Sheeran. This bridge will have a significant impact on thousands of people, in particular in monsoonal season.

Warringah Rugby Club Trip, February 2011

Warringah Rugby Club tour was an incredible success.  Apart from playing two matches the players were also involved in rugby clinics for hundreds of local children and two humanitarian project initiatives for OAA - the building of a community bridge and establishment of a school library.  For more details please view the 2011 Tour Diary video.

New desks, January 2011

With the constant expansion of the school, OAA invested in the production of sturdier steel framed desks. Critical to the project philosophy, all desks were produced by local trades people, ensuring the money is invested back into the local Kibera community.

Secondary School Scholarship recipients 2011

The scholarship program provides the opportunity for all scholastically able students who have successfully completed primary school to advance into secondary school.  The full scholarship includes tuition fees, all accommodation and food expenses, school supplies and uniforms.  This is a key step in breaking the poverty cycle for these children and their families. 

Fundraising event, December 2010

Kuona Trust Arts Day, June 2010

"The kids had an absolute ball! Watching them run to the bus from the school was pure joy. The kids participated in all the activities run on the day. They modelled with clay, drew portraits and Forest landscapes with charcoal (session let by renowned Kenyan artist Patrick Mubaki), they did woodwork and found object art and painted a huge mural on the compound wall. All of the sessions were run by kenyan artists who are in residence at Kuona." Charlotte

Deni Hines Trip, January 2010

Toilet Block Upgrade

New Classrooms

Medical Camp

Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Centre Excursion

Art classes with Gabrielle Pool

Team trip, March 2009

Back to School, January 2008

Gabrielle Pool's Fundraising Exhibition with Film & Photography by Stuart MacLeod, 2007

Development of the Child Sponsorship Program, July to October 2007

First Major Fundraiser, Sydney - 26 October 2006

The move to a new school, September 2005

Initial Trip to Kibera, June 2005