Partner With Us

Want a great way to teach your class or child about global poverty?

We invite you to partner with us as a class or school in an effort to provide those living in destitute poverty to build a brighter future through a connection with YOU. Our goal for the schools supported by Oasis Africa is to provide the tools necessary to not only make a difference at an individual level, but also at a community level. Providing these children with a hand up now, so that they can make a significant change to their generations to follow. We are inviting schools to make a tangible difference and develop a real connection with the children of Kenya by becoming a friend of Oasis Africa Australia.

Adopt a School

If you are a teacher, parent or student, why not join the Adopt a School program?

Teachers, encourage your class to sponsor a child. There is so much that can be learnt from the life of these children that can be applied to your classroom. Did you know that 'Kibera' is the largest slum in Africa? Did you know that up to 8 family members live in mud and stick huts no more than half the size of your classroom? We also have footage of the school children and their teachers that can be shown in your class room.

Parents, this is an incredible opportunity to allow your own kids to interact with children on the other side of the world and learn about new cultures first hand. What an opportunity to get involved in something meaningful and learn at the same time.

Arrangements can be made for one of our Oasis Africa Australia Team, to conduct a school / class visit. They can talk to the class or assembly about the Oasis Africa projects and how everyone can get involved.

To register your interest in adopt-a-school, please fill out your details on the Contact Us form on this site. We will then be in touch to identify the best way to connect you to the project or to organise for someone to come and speak to your class.

Fundraising for specific needs for the kids/School at Kibera

Every little bit counts and with your help, we can supply the basic needs for many disadvantaged children in Kenya. Simple needs such as a pencils and writing paper, teaching aids for the teachers, and curriculum text books (that need to be bought in their native language for every year level) are all needed by the children. Your school or class can make a huge difference by getting involved in fundraising activities. We have seen first hand what a difference this makes. The principal of the school, cannot thank Australian schools enough for the previous financial help they have received to help meet the practical needs of the kids.

Sydney-based school made their mark for the kids of Kenya

Two students approached Oasis Africa representatives after they spoke at their school. They came up straight after and asked us, “what can we do to help?”

We needed resources and two weeks later they ran a cake stall and convinced a local store to double the number of toys they could have for the $600 raised. Through cake stalls and crazy sock day they raised over $3000 for the school, specifically to fund text books.

What are some activities that can be performed to help raise important funds for these children?

There are lots of differnet ways to raise money, here are some fundraising Ideas:

1. Car wash

2. Fun-Run / Walk-a-thon. Participants can sponsor by kilometre or just for walking

3. Raffle Tickets. Why not ask local businesses to sponsor some prizes?

4. Fetes / Cake Stalls

5. Dog Walking

6. Chocolate or Lamington Drive

Be creative, the options are endless and stop only with your imagination.

Fundraising Tips:

1. Set a starting date and closing date for your fundraiser. Two weeks is an ideal time frame. Anything more than 2 weeks can be counter-productive.

 2. Clearly define the reason and goals for your fundraiser

3. Assign volunteers or parents to help run and administer the fundraiser - especially on the day

4. Have each participant make a list of family and friends who may be interested in supporting your fundraising efforts

5. Promotion and word of mouth is key. Spread the word throughout the community.

6. Assign a responsible adult/s to manage the money raised and store it in a safe place

Keep your participants enthusiastic & have fun!

Yes, I want to be involved!

If you are interested in holding a fundraising event, please contact us.via the feedback form so that we can make arrangements to assist you and start the registration process for your event. With our heart-felt thanks!